Kerli and Lil mama 

This draw of Kerli I had finished some days ago, and Lil Mama’s, i finished few hours ago 🙂



After hearing so much about this version, i decided a couple days ago check on youtube to see some scenes, and now I am obsessed.

It’s with shame that I say that’s the first time ever that I had curiosity about IT, and I am going to buy this new version really soon, but I will also watch the original version so I can compare both of them and also because the first version is a classic, but I already feel the 2017’s version will be my favorite…..


The first post of 2018: a simple one, but also a drawing I enjoyed working on ❤

In December i “discovered” Kerli, on Spotify and loved her songs.

I could suggest you guys my favorites from her: love me or leave me, feral hearts and bulletproof.

Great songs! 💜🌹