It’s unbelievable how some people are related to animals and related to myself as well.

An “online friend” thought that I’d appreciate knowing that he hurt a cat that bit him… after many times I posted about being against any kind of cruelty related to animals. That was extremely revolting and disgusting in my opinion!

If you think that’s funny you hurt an animal that’s smaller than you, and that can’t defend itself against you, clearly there is something wrong with you and I’d like to see you try doing this to an animal as big as you.

An animal doesn’t attack without reason, my cat attacked me because I ended up pissing her off… playing with her when she wanted to stay quiet (Who has cats knows what’s like… the cat is in the mood of playing in 1 minute and then, suddenly, this mood goes off… and I kept playing with her, then she attacked me), but even knowing how much a serious attack from a cat hurts, I’d never do anything to hurt my cat, so don’t think that’s funny, or that I’d enjoy to know that you killed a cat that attacked you.

It’d been quite a long time since I’m fed up with this person… but i’ve been ignoring this for few reasons, but I think that was the last for me, mainly because he wrote I’d enjoy to know this! I feel sick to my stomach, but I gave him a piece of my mind about my opinion to people to hurt animals!

I am someone who loves the nature and animals, therefore, I am against any kind of violence towards them or the nature itself.

I feel sick when I see people wearing fur… I think that when you wear fur, you are screaming you don’t care for what these animals go through, so in my opinion, you shouldn’t even be allowed to own a pet because if you love your dog or your cat, you love all animals, so you’d never wear fur.

I always had pets since my childhood… from guinea pigs, to hamsters, turtles, birds a dog and 2 cats, so I’d never hurt an animal, I’d never wear an animal.

I stopped having birds, because they deserve to be free, and i had 2 birds before I got my first dog in 96, and later I got another one, but no more after that.

I hope that he is thinking about that I wrote, because I am sure he read, but I don’t feel like talking to this person again… I am too disgusted with his attitude and words, and the fat that he had tagged me before on articles about this.

You have to be really coward to hurt a poor animal that stand no chance against you and think that’s cool to go talking about it!

I’d like to see him doing this to a lion, I really would, but himself, no gun or whatever, once he likes to say how strong he is and etc…

This is one of the things that are wrong with this world, and people like this is one of the reasons for me to wish moving to a deep forest to be in contact only with the nature and the animals.

Just because humans rule, i doesn’t mean that our lives worth more than the lives of any other living being… and this subject is so stuck on my mind, that I decided to do everything I can to become a vegetarian… my love for the animals have to be stronger than the cravings I have for have been raised as a carnivorous.