Aaliyah Remembered: 14 years later


tumblr_lq6vpnH0OJ1qzvbx5 Today marks 14 years since Aaliyah left us, in 2001, and we all think that time will make things easier, but it doesn’t happen.

It took me 4 years after her passing to become her fan, but that doesn’t make my respect for her less important than those who were her fan from the beginning of her career.

Aaliyah is special for me, because she represents a type of artist that we don’t see anymore with frequency, someone with real talent, and a great spirit.

Aaliyah wasn’t only beautiful, but she had that huge talent and radiant personality, as well as she recognized the importance that her fans had in her life and career, these are some of the reasons for me to like and respect her memory the way I do.

She also inspires me on the artistic way, I have made many arts dedicated to her, and they are all special to me because I really felt inspired and wanted to do something that would be worth of her.

I am not into RnB or Rap… or things related to them, wasn’t raised listening to this genre of music, but Aaliyah and Left-Eye are two of them I listen to, and am grateful for have found out about.

I believe that it wasn’t Aaliyah’s time to go, but that’s a long story that I prefer don’t discuss for some reasons,but I tell you… it wasn’t her time.

I am keeping her legacy alive in a real respectful way because Aaliyah is someone who can’t be forgotten, and it’s sad that she isn’t as often as mentioned like before, but still she is remembered, for she opened the door to many of these… artists, that we find nowadays, it was because of Aaliyah that they are where they are, because she made things easier.

She is nicknamed “Princess”, I call her “Queen”, like some of my friends do as well.


Death can’t erase everything that she has done, the beauty that she possessed, not only on her face, but on her personality, her talent, the admiration that we all feel for her, and everything that she has done! That’s how she is remembered, because that was who Aaliyah was: a great young lady, who was about to reach the top of music industry and Hollywood as well, copied by many, but unique!


you are really missed, Aaliyah!


Towel painting


My mother asked me to paint one of my drawings on one of her towels, and I decided to do this, because she asked me and because I got curious about how it would be.

2015-08-06 14.53.17

When it is about my drawings and painting, my mother supports everything and I know that she will say she liked when she sees it, but I will stick to what I know and am more used to…. but it was funny and different.