Christina Ricci


I love Christina Ricci since I watched Casper and The Addams Family, I just think she is beyond wonderful on everything that she does, so I worked on this drawing about her.

I worked on it on my Tablet, and I just love it now, a lot easier, more options and easier for me to color as well.

This is the type of art I’m working from now on, I may upload, once in a while, some of my drawings that I’ve made on a paper, but you guys can expect more made on my tablet 🙂

Just now I got a time to upload and I wanted my first post to be exactly about Chris. 😀


3 thoughts on “Christina Ricci

  1. You are lucky you can do this well with a tablet. But, do not forget what it is like to use paper, either…unless we are all “doomed” to live like the cast of some Star Trek show, never seeing trees while floating out in space for the rest of our lives.

    This is a good one. I have not seen her with such short hair. But, you captured her face well. What color are her eyes?


    • So, she has yellow cat eyes? I would have guessed blue, green or hazel. I haven’t really seen her in a while.

      I am nervous about using a tablet for drawing, but I know some digital tools do come in handy. Still, I am not sure I can do a digital piece that has the same feel as a paper one. And, the separation gives me an alien feeling. And, the amount of time I spend on a piece…anything electronic would likely be red hot/radioactive in my hand when I finally put it down.


    • I guess I am not the only one who struggles with coloring on paper? I have struggled to smooth out the colors many years. I first started daring to try markers in 2012. I haven’t used markers since I was little. And, back then, I didn’t care so much about shading. I just wanted to duplicate images I saw in cartoons, comics and video games. I did what I could but wasn’t fully happy. Now, I am still nervous about inking and coloring. But, I am not entirely happy with digital art, either. I have yet to try a light pen. I just use a mouse. But… I dunno. It worries me.

      I suppose one could scan a hand-drawn piece, fine-tune and color it digitally to get a smoother finish.


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