The predator – Making of

I watched Alien vs Predator, and yes, I totally fell in love with this movie, specially, the predator itself.

I read some people saying that Alien Vs predator wasn’t a good movie compared to others, but I truly liked that movie, so much that I am highly interested on buying it.

I found for sale a small box that comes with 3 movies, but alien vs predator isn’t included on it, isn’t so expensive, so I think that’s why. The first movies related to it, so once I liked so much Alien v predator, I’m going after this, even though didn’t watch these movies yet, but I am sure they won’t disappoint me.

I love movies like this and sometimes I do like to check the making of, what’s rare, because in some cases the making of ruins the experience of the movie for me, like for example… the blair witch project, I wish i had never seen the making of because without it, that movie really scared me beyond words, but on Predator case, once there was no chance my brain leading me to believe it could be real, like when I watched the Blair witch for the first time, I decided check the making of, and yes… fascinating how they got to create him.

Here is another making of about the “wolf predator”.

I even found a tutorial about how to create the predator mask, and would love to try someday. My room would be filled with creatures like this if I could.

Once I am talking about making of… here is another one:

And the making of, of creating the Alien Queen

These are the real heroes of Hollywood, those who walk creating these creatures, wish they were more recognized for their work, without them, they are the real stars of Hollywood, just like the writers.


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