berserker predator


Was watching Predator this time and I just found out that this guy, is actually a berserker predator , and not a wolf predator, and that made me look more into it, and then I started feeling the wish to work on another drawing about this movie.

I had said that i’d not draw him again because it was difficult and took me more time than any other drawing I worked on, but the wish is too strong for me to ignore.

I may try to use this picture or just find another one, but want to draw him this time, I feel more inspired on working on things like this lately, horror creatures, maybe because I miss Halloween too much and because I want to improve my drawings, so they are a good test.

I am not sure about painting this new drawing, i may work just on the drawing itself and maybe days later start painting or just leave the lining in the end.

I can say these movies were added to my “favorite movies” list ocne i’m watching basically every night.


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