Custom art for a friend

Yesterday I worked on a custom drawing for friend of mine.
she had requested me to draw her but adding two goth horns to the drawing.
I had worked on other type of arts for her, but those were turning her pictures into something goth, like demon eyes and etc, and once she requested me to design a tattoo for her as well.
I enjoy working with her because she is creative, she has cool ideas, like her idea for her first tattoo, but I really enjoyed the last art I created for her.
I really am taking seriously this art field, I finally found what I like to do, and to be a designer helps me a lot, so, I can’t wait to fix my PayPal  to “expand” my business because mostly I am working with some friends of my mom who request some paintings from me, still didn’t start to exactly sell the digital arts, they prefer paintings, flower paintings… And it is funny because I don’t see my paintings as something someone would buy, but art is art, right? Everybody see differently, what one sees as ugly, the other sees as beautiful, so I am grateful  for them seeing something cool on my paintings when I don’t see it.
My type of arts are: drawing, painting and phomontage (I enjoy to Photoshop myself with some idols, for fun only, of course) but lately is just drawing on my tablet. Depending I work on 2 drawings everyday.


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