Homemade Mod Podge gone wrong

As i have stated, I love anything to do with diy, not only because we can save a good money but also because we can create great stuffs with items we will usually cast out.
I found a very interesting article about pass a picture to fabric, wood and  etc by using a glue called Mod Podge, and that really interested me for these reasons:
1) All the ink of my printer I used printing pictures to a scrapbook I am working on
2) I am really interested on getting a custom shirt, but want to do this myself.
3) Another business option
4) Wanted to see if it would work.

I went till a local store that sells art supplies and looked for this, but I didn’t find, so I googled it and found for sale on online stores, of course, but I really avoid buying things online, so I found an article that explained how to create one and decided give a try, if worked, perfect, if not, I’d order that glue or simply get ink for my printer, the right paper and do the normal way.
I took the glue, put on a glass, did like they explained, took a fabric that I didn’t use anymore, the first picture I found and made the experiment, leaving it to dry the amount of time also specified… That was the result


To be honest, I made on Sunday and just today I remembered this experiment 😵 but anyway didn’t work, sadly 😟.
I must say I wasn’t expecting this to work, but give it a try didn’t cause any harm.
With the real mod podge you get the picture normally on the fabric, you just apply another layer when dried to intensify the picture.
If I dont find at a local store, again, I will order a small bottle of it, about $9, even not being fan of online shopping, because I want to try this myself.


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