Congratulations, Leo

So, I just saw on Facebook that Leo finally got his Oscar, and I am truly, truly happy with this.
Leo should’ve won that since Titanic, he is surely an amazing person and actor, and as if it wasn’t already a big win, he spoke about the Earth on it.
I didn’t watch the ceremony, but I had the sure, this time was his time 💜
Still need to watch The Renevant, and now, I have even more reasons for that.




This one was difficult….
First time I watched this movie, it was when I got in DVD.
I went till a bookstore, and they were selling this movie, so they put on TV… I watched few scenes and when I noticed, I was bewitched by it, then bought.
Of course it was truly worth it. Great movie.

Working on my favorite Batman

my new project that i started some minutes ago.
i am not sure how long it will take for me to finish it, i wasn’t waiting for all the details… All I could think about it was… Christian Bale as Batman ❤
I had worked on my favorite Joker, so I had to work on my favorite batman.
Well….All i can say is that eventually, I will finish this drawing, don't know when, right now, but I will 🙂