Alice in Wonderland


Bette Davis

So… I worked on this art for Bette Davis yesterday and, even though I enjoyed working on this, I must say I hated how her hair turned out.

I am trying to draw better hair, but it’s difficult for me… and it’s also frustrating.

I already accepted that my drawings of people will keep looking like cartoons, but I can’t accept that I am not getting to design better hairs.

Was watching a documentary about Bette and felt inspired, she surely was a fierce lady, and I do enjoy her works and also personality, so I created this.


Looks like, but it’s  Not…. 🙂

This time I didn’t put much effort on the hair, tried to copy a style I had seen because it seems my drawings will always look like a cartoon version when I draw someone.

End captivity

​I want to take a moment to talk about something that’s seriously important for me and should be important for everybody as well. Even though this blog is more for sharing my arts, I will also start using for important subjects like this one, and others.

I am truly passionate about animals, i can’t stand any type of cruelty to them, it really, really breaks my heart into pieces when I see an animal suffering.

I was reading some news, and I knew this before, but it seems that Tilikum is in his final days.

I have Blackfish since 2014, I believe, when i first heard of this documentary, I knew I needed to watch and have it, I waited with big anxiety for this documentary and cried like a baby when I first watched and I still do cry like a baby.

I, obviously, stand against captivity and Seaworld, Wild animals belong in the wild, mainly Orcas, and not in some tank.

Many orcas are taken from the wild, taken from their families and in the process, many end up dying. If you watched Blackfish, you know that they separate the young Orcas from the gorup to capture them, and many end up dying during this horrible act.

As if it wasn’t horrible enough they take Orcas from the Wild, from their families, they also breed them, which means, an animal that’s meant to be free, is born in a tank and spends the rest of their lives there.

Seaworld also lies to people, of course they do, God knows what else they are able doing for money. They say that in their parks, Orcas live longer than in the Wild, what’s really a very disturbing and absurd lie! 

There is a known female wild Orca, that seems to be 105 years old, she is called “granny”, 105 years old living in the wild and Seaworld has the guts to tell people that in captivity they live longer, mid 30s or something.

I can understand people wanting to see Orcas and other wild animals, I really do, I also want to have the pleasure to see them someday, but NEVER IN CAPTIVITY. 

There are many places where you can spot them in the wild, I have seen many videos of people going Kayaking and ending up having a meeting with them. Nobody disturbed nobody, but obviously the Orcas were curious about them, once they are known for being curious and friendly as well.

This is how people should see wild animals, in their natural habitat, not in a small place or tank where they don’t belong.

If you never watched Blackfish, you should do this, so you’d understand even more. Many people started opening their eyes for this horrible problem, while some still prefer support Seaworld and believe them, and in the meantime, these Orcas are dying.

There was even an Orca that killed itself by banging its head against the tank’s wall, Morgan, also started doing the same, and I even read a notice about an Orca (not sure if Morgan), that tried to beach itself.

When I was younger, I had 3 birds, after they died, no more I had a bird, why? Because they don’t belong in cages.

The sad part on this, is that Tilikum will end up dying without having the taste of freedom again, he was 2 when he was taken from his mother, his pod, and many other Orcas will have the same fate, and that’s really heartbreaking.

People seek information about Orcas with people who know nothing about them, or will lie, because in the moment Seaworld’s employees said that in the wild orcas live less than in captivity, that was the biggest lie ever, so, how do you educate the public with lies? 

One thing it’s you want to help a specie, other it’s you put them to make tricks to entertain people and bring you money. Orcas don’t exist to entertain us, they exist to be free, to do what they are meant to do in the wild.

Another example. Tilikum killed 3 people, the last one was a trainer named Dawn. On Blackfish, one of the lawyers of Seaworld, I believe, said that dawn was killed because of a mistake she made, and that Tilikum was only playing with her, another lie! It was obvious that Tilikum attacked her and viciously. None attack you see on Blackfish came from a playful Orca and you can watch at least 4 of them, they really attacked those trainers.

Another horrible thing you see, it’s when a former trainer speaks of Kasatka and Takara, and how heartbreaking it was when they decided to separate mother and calf and send the calf to another park. You see the pain, the despair of that Orca without the calf, no joke, you see her calling for her calf desperately, and you can see and feel the sadness of that whale.

I could describe Blackfish entirely, but the impact people need to make a change will happen when they watch it.

I never liked Seaworld, never had the wish or curiosity to visit that “park” and never will as well, but after Blackfish, you can be sure that everytime I read or hear the name seaworld be mentioned, I feel my blood burns.

The moment when they separated Kasatka and Takara: