The Blair Witch returns

So, in September they will release a sequel for the Blair witch, and how do I feel? Anxious, happy, excited.

I love The Blair witch, and this movie scared the heck out of me when I first watched and even though i watched the making of, when they released it in DVD, I still feel the same way as the first time (yeah, I believed at first it was real), so I am too anxious for this sequel that honestly… looks way creepier.

By the pictures I have seen, I wonder… will we see the witch this time? Will we see… you know… scary deaths or something?

I want to watch at the movie theaters with my sister, as I said, in October she will get married, so it would be so great we join to watch in September.

There is The Blair witch: The book of shadows, that I had in DVD as well, but nothing compared to the first and don’t even know if it’s,  somehow, a sequel by the same producers, but I did watch many times too, so I am more than sure that this new one will makeup for this Book of shadows (if the same producers were behind this one…)


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