Loving Valentino

Let me talk a little bit about Rudolph Valentino.

I am completely fascinated and in love with the old Hollywood, and recently (yes, I know) I acquired a very strong  fascination over Rudy, you just can’t imagine.

I tend to catch feelings for some idols of mine, or to be more honest, really fall in love with them.

the strongest love I ever felt lasted for 13 years and he was an idol, and now happened again, but not this intense, and now, I got this fascination over Valentino.

I also study about Old Hollywood and I have been watching more classics than anything else, I don’t like watching tv, I rarely do this, so I go often on YouTube and also am buying some things online.

This interest for Rudy started after a documentary that I had watched and I talked to my mother about him and of course that she knew who he was and she had a lot of things to say about him, to my happiness and delight.

She loves to see me highly interested on these classics, but she doesn’t like one thing : the fact that I enjoy a lot going to cemeteries to visit them.

I also always loved cemeteries and my mother doesn’t feel comfortable with this linking of mine, she is always telling me to focus on what I want, than going to places like this, and lately I feel I can’t leave Valentino alone.

My sister is getting married next month, and beside a business, we have scheduled get in the car and drive through some Californian desert with her fiance, and take advantage and visit the grave of someone that she also enjoys, that’s  Vampira,  but she isn’t exactly a cemetery creature like I am, she basically goes there once, she lives in historic town, and she told me that she doesn’t like cemeteries this much, so maybe she wonders that I would turn this trip into a cemetery tour or something like this 😮

I am trying to get some movies of Rudy online, once it seems impossible to find them at a local store, would also love to buy a real autograph from him, but that would be too much money, but movies and posters of him are great for me already.

One of the things i dont like is seeing that women leave their lipstick on his grave. I think that’s  disrespectful because those who work at the cemetery have a difficult time trying to clean it, the same thing happens to Marilyn Monroe’s grave.

They had to protect Oscar Wilde’s grave to prevent such thing also for, happening, will the same be necessary at Rudy’s grave?


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