Mood Ring

By the end of last week I ordered online from Amazon a mood ring and I received in the beginning of this week, but just now I had time to post online here.

MOOD RINGS seems to have been released in the 1970s,  and I got this huge interest for this after I watched the movie My girl  (Vada had one), and during my childhood, I had 3 of them, like her ring, and I loved it.

Recently I got this wish of having one and started talking about this online, and my friend sent me one 😄 but this one that he sent me didn’t have a stone on it, and this model seems to be the type we can easily find at stores, well… at least he seems he could because I don’t think he ordered online and then sent to me, and yes, I loved this,  so much I don’t take off my finger, my mom even asked me if I see this ring as some sort of engagement ring (not yet, mom…not yet).

So some days later, when I didn’t find anywhere, even though they say that at the Forever 21 store it could be found, but I didn’t, I ordered online this ring.

Really…😍 and didn’t delay at all for me to receive it, and here it is mine.

I don’t like wearing jewelry… necklaces, rings, bracelets…. but I don’t take these rings off, and I am ready to buy another one, this time, similar to the ring of My Girl, so probably I will be wearing 3 mood rings at the same time, but it’s  cool.

It’s  easier now for me to shop on Amazon, so I am taking advantage more than I should, to be honest, and I am not even fan of shopping online,but if I don’t find something I want at a local store, and I really want the product, there is no other way.

We literally have many rings in one, and I am shopping for 3 actually, one for me, only for my mother and one for my sister, so we will have these matching rings.
My sister, who’s Wicca, totally is getting me into these things, but mostly more contact with the nature, what’s  not something new for me beca use I am a nature child just like she is.

I also became vegetarian, just like Belle :3 And developed this interest won the Hippie culture, once I think she is also part of this somehow, she is totally a nature child, in my opinion… my sister is bewitching, truly amazing.

My soul sister, chosen sister life sister, heart sister 🐝


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