Marilyn Monroe: the seven year itch

Worked on this last night after have watched the movie, as I do almost every night.



Today is such a special and beautiful day!!!

It’s  my beloved sister’s birthday, and I want to wish her a wonderful and blessed birthday with her family and her fiancee and say that soon we will be together for another special day of her life.

What can I say about her? Well… she is magical,  I know that everybody thinks and say that their sisters are amazing and etc, but my sister is really a magical creature, she is an angel, as her fiancee calls her, and that’s  truth.

I am truly blessed for having you in my life, and for also have chosen you and trust me, I will never regret because you are the best.

She is going to get married in some days, so October is a special month for many reasons to me and also her.

I love you, Belle and sending you kisses also from my mother, who loves you as if you were really born from her, and also from Danny.

Sisters not by blood, but by choice and heart and that means a lot more sometimes.

love you, Ocean eyes 💞💞💞🍁🍰💟🎃