Christina  Grimmie

I made this drawing while enjoying her new single that her family released that’s called: Invisible.

it’s sad for me, that I just actually started to know who she was after what happened, I wish I had taken a look before because now I have this real sad feeling of seeing how talented and incredible she was and that I missed the chance of seeing her reach the stardom that she was reaching. 

But is never too late to become a fan and help others to make her legacy lives on, so I am loving her songs and also loving to make some arts about her.

She had her birthday on March 12, and I ended up not being able to post online, so this drawing is also to celebrate her birthday.

Also…I am celebrating 2 years here and I would like to thank, once again, everybody who stops by my blog. ❤


Lana Del Rey: Love

Sorry delay to post again, I needed to take care of some things and also took a small break from internet because I was getting already too addicted.

During this time I worked on some arts and will start uploading.

Lana is back in every aspect,not only on my drawingsbut also with a new music called Love, that I, obviously, loved 😍

So, these drawings are about her new single.