some more stickers 😁

Would have to plasticize them….but I will do this with the others.

These are just some that I have already painted…

Hope everybody is having a great special day! 🐰🐇


Homemade stickers

Went back on drawing on paper again and decided to make some stickers as a test….

As you can see, these really simple. I had watched some videos on YouTube, also about how to make pins, but decided to make these stickers instead as a test and also because I would still need to buy what’s necessary to make those pins.

Bad Moon

Omg… First time I watched this movie it was on October 1999, i remember well. It was on a Friday night.

I remember the day because there was a Halloween party at my school and I had a ticket for it,but I wanted to come home earlier exactly to watch this movie, and I surely did. my mother came pick me up earlier just for that. She was even a little annoyed that she had spent the money with the ticket and I wanted to stay just 1 hour because I wanted to be back to watch the movie.

The poster says it all about what the movie is about,but let me explain to you.

This movie is about a mother and a son who receive the visit of her bother who had been attacked by a werewolf in the woods and they have no idea of the danger that they are facing because of it. The dog of the family doesn’t like this guy, exactly because of it (Animals always know something) ,and since this man arrived, some people started dying by being attacked by some wild animal that wasn’t there before. 

The movie has Mariel Hemingway in the cast, a long with Mason Gamble (If you watched Dennis the menace, you may know him) and was based on the novel:Thor By Wayne Smith (Thor is theme of the dog,by the way )

Checking the movie on Wikipedia, i found out it scored 38% on rotten tomatoes (what? Really?) And that the budget of the movie was of 7 million and the box office 1 million and something 😐

Now… why do I love this movie so much? 

Simple… I love werewolves! But I am not talking about any movie about werewolves, i am talking about movie where they aren’t created through computer.i think there’s nothing more ridiculous than you create such a fascinating ceature through computer,  it basically take off the thrill of the movie,no matter how “Well it’s made”.

Movies like Bad Moon, where we have an actor in a werewolf suit are amazing because they are really dealing with the thing, if we can put like this. It’s  there, the actors are really standing face to face with a guy in a werewolf suit,not with a guy in some blue suit with some dots on it to transfer the image, or whatever to a computer so they can model the creature there.

I think movies where there is this type of suit bring a lot more adrenaline and emotion on those watching it because the expression on the actors’ faces are real, you can see that.

The only scene I HATED in the entire movie, it was the sex scene that they added to the beginning, exactly when Ted is bitten and his girlfriend killed.they are literally interrupted by the werewolf. So, for me, that’s the only scene I was like: Was this sex scene really necessary? Really?.

I started watching the movie  WITH MY MOTHER beside me, so you can imagine what it was like when that scene came on 😣😣😣 I briefly changed the channel. Happy we are talking about minutes.

Anyway, back to what’s important:the werewolf.

It gave me nightmares that night and not only that night, once in a while i have a nightmare with that werewolf and this makes me see that, even though I love movies with werewolves, and I find them fascinating,  I don’t think I Would get to be part of a movie like this, simply  because I know I would end up panicking because would be hard remember that’s simply a man in a suit thanks to how scary and realistic they look like. And that’s the best of it ☺ 

Werewolves are meant to scare you, and he scared me on Bad Moon.

for example, this scene….
No doubt Mason had some training for this scene.

you may think I am overreacting, but look at this. …..

Wouldn’t you be scared? At least a little bit? I would have panicked! And that’s the best of it, again! The movie is giving the thrill expected for a movie like this. 

Do you feel scared or uneasy when you watch a movie where the werewolf was created through computer? I feel bored, literally fighting to don’t fall asleep. Not taking the credit off of those who work hard and have talent to create them through a computer, no way,but I prefer movies where they really bring the werewolf to life, to be there with the actors,  to chase them, to make you wonder what would you do if you had that thing running after you.

For me, this movie was really worth watching.

1) I adore Mariel

2) I loved Mason on Dennis and it was good to see him again.

3) the werewolf was well designed (in my opinion) and still gives me nightmares. Beside, he showed up often, with great close ups

4) The story is cool

so,in my humble opinion, i think Bad Moon is 90% and totally worth for you to sit down and watch it, Specially at night with the lights off.
I could talk more about the movie, give more details, but that would spoil if you haven’t watched it yet.

Pardon me for not adding some links to the movie but i am writing this on my tablet, and for some reason, if I tried to share a video from YouTube, just the link would show up, not the video itself, but i think you can even find the entire movie on YouTube (maybe in parts) at least it was like this last time I checked it out.

There is another movie involving werewolves that I also love, and I will add to my blog, for the same reason as Bad Moon.

Sometimes the great movies don’t require everything to be worked on a computer, sometime simplicity makes great classics.

Mini wireless keyboard

What was waiting for me today when I returned home 😍

My mother and I had ordered it last week and finally arrived.

This keyboard is awesome! It works on laptops, computers,smartphones,  Xbox and others.

I was first thinking about buying another keyboard with a mouse,  but i gave a try to this one because I was needing just a substitute for 2 keys that weren’t working anymore on my laptop, that were really necessary for me, not the entire keyboard, so this one came really handy and I am really happy it worked just as expected. 

How about my favourite movie reviewed? 

It’s earlier morning and I caught myself checking Google for some of my favorite movies, so I decided to start giving reviews to them.

I never wrote a review, so I know it will not be something as you mostly see on rotten tomatoes and etc,but it will still be fun.

Another way of art that I really enjoy that’s the movies, so my blog won’t escape the original topic of it, i just want to write more and express more my feelings about different types of art.

I already know the first movie I will start writing about and probably post tomorrow.

If you guys watched, i believe we will share the same opinion if you enjoy the genre of the movie, if you didn’t watch it yet, i believe you will end up curious.

Also,if you guys have some great movie suggestions, let me know in the comments, i love basically every type of movie, but specially horror and classics. 

Oh boy…another one (which i got recently) came on my mind to write about 😍