Usb Selfie ring light

What i had ordered few weeks ago from Amazon finally arrived ❤

I was anxious to receive and test it, specially because by the time i ordered, i hadn’t received as an earlier birthday gift from my mother, a new smartphone, which has, to my surprise, a front flash.

Anyway, this Selfie ring light is very useful, specially because the app that I use to take my photos doesn’t support the front flash and I have a tablet that doesnt have flash (I don’t event take pictures with it). 

The only bad thing is that the box says it has 4 levels of illumination…. but actually it only has 3 levels. I can’t complain because the their level is really, really strong, so this is something that I will let pass and still say it was a good purchase by my part and Totally worth the money that has been spent.

You can get one on Amazon by around $18. 


The sticker collection 

All the stickers that I have worked on this far.

All of them are pictures that I have found, while browsing some apps and found cute and then drew them as a test (once I love stickers).

I will create some stickers about the musicians that I like and see what else I can do with them.

The funny? I used a colorless nail polish to give the shine 😂

Aurora and no frills twins

sorry delay to post… it was a really long week for me.

These are two of the newest drawings I worked on and the great notice? Aurora noticed my drawing of her 😍

It’s truly wonderful when they notice. The girls of no frills twins always notice their fans and I am glad so does Aurora. It makes the time and effort we put on arts even more worth it.