Taissa Farmiga: December 27

Long  week, had started this 6 days ago and just now I could finish 🌹



That’s the scene when Bette and Dottie are taken to the Freakshow circus

Literally took me one day to complete it because I was also working on other things,but I enjoyed working on this one.😍

The new tv show that I am in love with……

Should have written this on the very day,but it was good to keep this for today 🙂

I started recently with American Horror story.

I knew about this serie, I think about 1 year ago,but hadn’t interest on it, specially because it was the time, I started with the walking dead, but Tate made me change my mind… if I can out things like this.

On November 5, I went shopping with my mother, we went check things for Christmas 🎄, yes, I know,.. too early, shut my mother loves Christmas and decorating everything, so she wanted to see if there was something already that she could purchase that she linked and I went with her.

I did go with her to some stores,but later I decided to stay at a library  (I am a bookworm) and went check some books….

(Edgar Allan Poe surely is amazing)

While she would go on this shopping spree.

After some hours waiting for my mother to buy everything she wanted  (had time to  read a good part of yhe book I showed above) and received as a gift, maybe an earlier for Christmas, or a gift because I went with her check for Christmas things, when I am a Halloween person 🎃 the first season of AHS and a body spray  (I love perfumes and etc). 

Had crossed my mind to acquire this season, but it was an idea that came and went often, so that day I had my chance.

And happened what often happen when I like a serie… I want others…

I am later I know,but I found out th st every season of AHS is a different theme, isn’t like Supernatural and etc, so that’s really cool.

Asylum, Freakshow and The coven interest me… I don’t want to have all because I am not fan of Lady Gaga, so I want skip any season she is in,even if Evan is also on the season.

Freakshow is more of my interest because I am highly interested on the Victorian Era and during that time, freakshow was really popular.I have a notebook about Victorian era, and I had written about this as well as the most know  performers,  so this season really interests me, even knowing it doesn’t take place on that era.

I have plans working on some arts dedicated to my favorite characters, just like I did with Tate… I think my drawings may get darker and somber… what’s great for me because I love things like this, I am totally a Halloween and horror girl.