I am a simmer


I’m a simmer since 2011 when, by my birthday, my mother and I went looking for the sims 2 (I always found the sims from the sims 2 absolutely stunning),but we only found the sims 3. We got it for a really good price, and from that Mont on, I became simmer. It’s been 4 years of playing the sims everyday, really…everyday.
I have The sims 2 (we found the next year), The sims 3 (with almost all EPs), the sims medieval and now the sims 4 (and get to work ep).
I was anxious for the sims 4, but being honest… I felt some disappointment with this game, but I do play it sometimes, I like the sims, the interactions, running my own baking business, but in my opinion… The best game related to the sims, it”s the sims 3.
There is this new ep for ts4: get together… But I will only wait for Seasons and supernatural.
I am are EA will release these EPs, not same same, I believe, but with these themes, for the sims without snow, Halloween and now witches and werewolves isn’t the same.
I tried to buy Spooky stuff, but something went wrong and I got my money back,so yes, I dislike and a lot,EA’s idea of only selling stuff packs through origin. Why can’t they do like the did on the sims 3? Why can’t we also buy this at local stores?
I love Hallowen,  I say I am a Halloween child, so I really wanted this Stuff pack, and it was the first time I bought a game through origin… So I decided to wait until they release something like Supernatural and Seasons to compensate, so I can go till local store and buy it like I did with every game I have of this franchise.

The sims 4 is worth a try, but the requirements are really higher than the previous games.
Many people loved, other didn’t and other didn’t even buy it after no toddlers and not an open world.
The sims 4 is a form of the sims 2 where the sims are “smarter, emotional” and you have a cool way to make them, but still… I do like it.

Once you stat playing the sims…it is hard to stop… At least to many of us it is…..
I will show some pictures of my games in the following posts, my favorite guys and girls are on the some 3. 😍