I miss you, Heath 

isn’t easy… it feel like this hAppened yesterday for me….

God, Heath… I miss you! You were an unique person with the most beautiful smile and soul…. it wasn’t fair you leave us so soon.

now so many people have this hole inside that will never be covered because you can’t come back.

I hope you know, wherever you are, that I miss you and love you. and i will until my time comes.

keep resting in peace, my darling! ❤
with love…. 


Happy Birthday, Heath Ledger


Dearest Heath ledger… I just wanted to tell you how much you are missed everyday, and how sad it is that you left us too soon…
Wish you were still here amazing us with your huge and bright smile, your talent, your personality, your beauty… But you live on in the hearts of those you touched in your 28 years.
I wish you a happy birthday, and want to let you know, that you are in my thoughts and heart forever.