Homemade Mod Podge gone wrong

As i have stated, I love anything to do with diy, not only because we can save a good money but also because we can create great stuffs with items we will usually cast out.
I found a very interesting article about pass a picture to fabric, wood and  etc by using a glue called Mod Podge, and that really interested me for these reasons:
1) All the ink of my printer I used printing pictures to a scrapbook I am working on
2) I am really interested on getting a custom shirt, but want to do this myself.
3) Another business option
4) Wanted to see if it would work.

I went till a local store that sells art supplies and looked for this, but I didn’t find, so I googled it and found for sale on online stores, of course, but I really avoid buying things online, so I found an article that explained how to create one and decided give a try, if worked, perfect, if not, I’d order that glue or simply get ink for my printer, the right paper and do the normal way.
I took the glue, put on a glass, did like they explained, took a fabric that I didn’t use anymore, the first picture I found and made the experiment, leaving it to dry the amount of time also specified… That was the result


To be honest, I made on Sunday and just today I remembered this experiment 😵 but anyway didn’t work, sadly 😟.
I must say I wasn’t expecting this to work, but give it a try didn’t cause any harm.
With the real mod podge you get the picture normally on the fabric, you just apply another layer when dried to intensify the picture.
If I dont find at a local store, again, I will order a small bottle of it, about $9, even not being fan of online shopping, because I want to try this myself.


My favorite beauty Treatment with lemon

I am the type of girl who doesn’t like to go after creams we see on television and magazines promising to make your skin more elastic, get rid of wrinkles (I have none), and etc, not only because I know how this kind of industry and works and because when you buy something like this, mainly from famous brands, you are paying more than it’s worth because of the name of the brand and also because of the celebrity they picked to make the propaganda.

I think save money is important, and I love everything that’s homemade, mainly crafts and creams, it’s like: It’s not the brand I am after.

I have found many great things online that we can easily make at home with low cost, large quantity and i am sure with more satisfying results, and I will tell the one I am enjoying, currently, the most.

You know that lemon and honey are two good things for health and skin as well, but we must ALWAYS be careful when we add lemon to something you will put on your skin, mainly if you will go out later, so the best is do this on a day you won’t go out or by the night.




you will need: one tablespoon of honey and lemon.

you mix everything and you leave on your skin for about 5 minutes, or a little bit more if you want to, and after that, you wash your face with warm water and you apply some moisturizing cream.

2015-07-28 09.09.40

you will see the difference in the right moment you dry your face, you will feel your skin softer, and you will also see it looks totally clean, i can even say…  more radiant.

Now, that’s something I don’t do everyday, but twice a week, because I don’t know if it would be good you do this everyday, maybe it is ok… maybe not recommended, but that’s one of the things that I really liked to read about and try because I’m not regretting.


I really think that’s a lot better you find good alternatives for things and if you can save money, you must do this.

Go to the store and buy an expensive cream when you can make your own for a low price, and that will work better than the one you bought at the store and you will have fun preparing it, is wonderful, same thing with toothpaste, shampoo and etc. You can make all these things and start making money with them.

I watched on TV, an interview with a girl, I forgot her name, that she is eco-friendly, she likes to make her own creams, toothpastes, shampoos instead buying them. Not talking about you go to the extreme for saving money, but if you can give up on going to the store and buying something like this and make your own, that’s a good thing that’s going to save you money in the end of the month, so you can use it on other things.


A funny fact about me, related on this treatment is that I don’t like honey… I don’t stand the taste of it and sometimes I end up tasting it, but sometimes we do must make sacrifices.