Ira Wolf: Fickle Heart Album Cover

Beside the drawing,this is also a suggestion!

I discovered Ira while I was on Spotify listening the new album of Lana del Rey weeks ago.

While scrolling  in the main menu, it was suggested for me a “Indie” playlist, and I decided check that out, and ended up liking many songs and musicians and one of them was Ira.

What can I say about her? She’s amazing and has, not only a very smooth and delicate voice, that literally will make you feel comfortable enough to even fall asleep while listening to it, but also she has a great talent.

Not only I do suggest her as a musician,but songs like: “waves, poison in my veins, sunscreen and Fickle heart”. Well, all songs from her are great,but these are my favorites this far.

She’s one of these musicians that deserve a lot of support and recognition, and I am happy that I am being more open to other genres. 

I love metal and rock, but I went from these guys to Lana, Melanie, Zola, Aurora and now Ira.

This drawing is the drawing that you find on her album, I loved it so much I wanted to try to draw it!