Happy Birthday, Lana Del Rey 

Today is Lana’s 32th birthday and I couldn’t forget to share this here as well.as all of you know, I am a great fan of hers and she is a muse and inspiration for me artistically, so after so many drawings I have worked on dedicated to her, it was also something important for me to write this.

Wishing her all the happiness, peace and success on her life and her career and also saying I can’t wait for this new album of hers.

I love you, Lana. Thank you for your musics, for they are all important for me and help me in a way maybe you will never know about.

Forever your fan 🎂💗

Lana del Rey: May 31

This is from the beginning of her career when she went by May Jailer and Lizzy Grant.

I started getting all the songs that Lana hadn’t released as an album lately and all I can say is that…. she really, really amazes me!

Lana Del Rey: Love

Sorry delay to post again, I needed to take care of some things and also took a small break from internet because I was getting already too addicted.

During this time I worked on some arts and will start uploading.

Lana is back in every aspect,not only on my drawingsbut also with a new music called Love, that I, obviously, loved 😍

So, these drawings are about her new single.