Orca draft (September 21)

All these drafts i will turn into paintings so i will end up with at least more 3 orca paintings to hang on my wall or sell XD




Here are some ideas for possible new paintings that i have worked on.

I worked on  these also because i am having difficulty to paint trees, so i want to test some tips i found on youtube before trying to paint on a canvas again.


12 (1)

12 (2)

orca draft

Since yesterday I have been painting, so I had to find a use for the leftovers, specially because I want these paints to last as longer as possible, you guys saw how small the tubes are.

Well, i created this drawing using the leftovers of the orca painting I had worked on.

Just needed add some water and finish everything, and also gave me the idea for the next painting I will work on 😍😍