In love with every aspect of Arts

I can say that I have always been in love with arts since I was a toddler, doing all these things that geat part of the parent don’t like seeing their kids doing, like, drawing on Walls and etc,without a doubt that was the reason for why, since elementary school, art had always been on my schedules and I always enjoyed it.

Counting every type of contact with art that I had since a young age, i can say: guitar, drums, drawing, painting, languages, courses that taught me to use a typewriter (the first I actually had), then how to properly use a computer….

The time just made this passion stronger, specially painting,writing and photography.

I am a graphic designer, and that’s one of the main things that I do nowadays (working for myself), but i also have this space for comisioned arts (Mostly people ask me to design tattoos… what’s awesome because I love tattoos), and now Photography and freelancer writer (ghostwriter)

Beside my blog, which is more of a hobby for me, i have written 2 posts for a friend of mine who had a blog about a subject that’s highly of my interest, and i felt happy for being called to write two pieces for her, so with the time, another passion of mine is being lucrative.

Can’t imagine myself without going a day without drawing something or writingsomething, i really can’t.

In the long run, i see myself publishing some books that I have written as a therapy for me,  but some changes would have to be made, or I simply may crest one with the sole ourpose of being published, what actually makes me nervous and a little under pressure. 

From all my arts, my writings have never been shared with anyone, i never sent a sample to even a friend to read, because I write them to myself, so I know I need to overcome this in order to reach this level with another thing that I love, that’s writing.

I have to fully thank my mother for have always embraced the things I liked doing in the artistic field, even when I lost the interest on some, like guitar and drums, and for keep embracing and supporting me on everything. I really wouldn’t know 3% of what I know if hadn’t been for her…. her patience, her belief, keep me walking when I wanted to stop, being positive when I was negative, her financial support….  so everything,  it’s thanks to her for being my supporter and my rock❤