Usb Selfie ring light

What i had ordered few weeks ago from Amazon finally arrived ❤

I was anxious to receive and test it, specially because by the time i ordered, i hadn’t received as an earlier birthday gift from my mother, a new smartphone, which has, to my surprise, a front flash.

Anyway, this Selfie ring light is very useful, specially because the app that I use to take my photos doesn’t support the front flash and I have a tablet that doesnt have flash (I don’t event take pictures with it). 

The only bad thing is that the box says it has 4 levels of illumination…. but actually it only has 3 levels. I can’t complain because the their level is really, really strong, so this is something that I will let pass and still say it was a good purchase by my part and Totally worth the money that has been spent.

You can get one on Amazon by around $18. 


The sticker collection 

All the stickers that I have worked on this far.

All of them are pictures that I have found, while browsing some apps and found cute and then drew them as a test (once I love stickers).

I will create some stickers about the musicians that I like and see what else I can do with them.

The funny? I used a colorless nail polish to give the shine 😂

Aurora and no frills twins

sorry delay to post… it was a really long week for me.

These are two of the newest drawings I worked on and the great notice? Aurora noticed my drawing of her 😍

It’s truly wonderful when they notice. The girls of no frills twins always notice their fans and I am glad so does Aurora. It makes the time and effort we put on arts even more worth it.

Homemade stickers

Went back on drawing on paper again and decided to make some stickers as a test….

As you can see, these really simple. I had watched some videos on YouTube, also about how to make pins, but decided to make these stickers instead as a test and also because I would still need to buy what’s necessary to make those pins.