Happy Birthday, Lana Del Rey 

Today is Lana’s 32th birthday and I couldn’t forget to share this here as well.as all of you know, I am a great fan of hers and she is a muse and inspiration for me artistically, so after so many drawings I have worked on dedicated to her, it was also something important for me to write this.

Wishing her all the happiness, peace and success on her life and her career and also saying I can’t wait for this new album of hers.

I love you, Lana. Thank you for your musics, for they are all important for me and help me in a way maybe you will never know about.

Forever your fan 🎂💗


Happy Birthday, Chris 💜

I want to take this time to wish a Happy Birthday to one of my favorite actors ever, and also “My Batman” Christian Bale.

May you have a wonderful birthday, darling, with your loved ones and count me as someone who adores you and cherishes you everyday.



Today is such a special and beautiful day!!!

It’s  my beloved sister’s birthday, and I want to wish her a wonderful and blessed birthday with her family and her fiancee and say that soon we will be together for another special day of her life.

What can I say about her? Well… she is magical,  I know that everybody thinks and say that their sisters are amazing and etc, but my sister is really a magical creature, she is an angel, as her fiancee calls her, and that’s  truth.

I am truly blessed for having you in my life, and for also have chosen you and trust me, I will never regret because you are the best.

She is going to get married in some days, so October is a special month for many reasons to me and also her.

I love you, Belle and sending you kisses also from my mother, who loves you as if you were really born from her, and also from Danny.

Sisters not by blood, but by choice and heart and that means a lot more sometimes.

love you, Ocean eyes 💞💞💞🍁🍰💟🎃

Happy Birthday, Heath Ledger


Dearest Heath ledger… I just wanted to tell you how much you are missed everyday, and how sad it is that you left us too soon…
Wish you were still here amazing us with your huge and bright smile, your talent, your personality, your beauty… But you live on in the hearts of those you touched in your 28 years.
I wish you a happy birthday, and want to let you know, that you are in my thoughts and heart forever.