Writer’s block: How stressing

It’s been about 4 days, i guess, since I sat in front of my computer to keep working on some stories.

I had finished 2 of them exactly 4 days ago (I like to work on 2, sometimes 3 stories at the same time. Which one I work on depends on my mood), and now, every time I see myself, in front of my computer to start working on the rest of the stories, i catch myself doing something else or going back to bed.

It’s horrible to have this kind of block… happens as often as one may think…. but I do dislike it deeply.

Been focusing more on the drawings,but writing is a teraphy for me, is necessary, and this block on my inspiration is driving me crazy.

I read a quote that says that I still should type something, even if I don’t feel inspired because the water won’t run until you open the faucet And that’s true… but still I don’t get.

Too much on my mind could be the issue…. also, i want to do a million things at the same time: photography nature, paint, draw, write, read… all these things in a single day….

I will make some chamomile tea,  take a deep breath and then sit down and work this block out. Hopefully I get it, because I am needing my most beloved hobby right now and the peace it brings me….


Usb Selfie ring light

What i had ordered few weeks ago from Amazon finally arrived ❤

I was anxious to receive and test it, specially because by the time i ordered, i hadn’t received as an earlier birthday gift from my mother, a new smartphone, which has, to my surprise, a front flash.

Anyway, this Selfie ring light is very useful, specially because the app that I use to take my photos doesn’t support the front flash and I have a tablet that doesnt have flash (I don’t event take pictures with it). 

The only bad thing is that the box says it has 4 levels of illumination…. but actually it only has 3 levels. I can’t complain because the their level is really, really strong, so this is something that I will let pass and still say it was a good purchase by my part and Totally worth the money that has been spent.

You can get one on Amazon by around $18. 

Mini wireless keyboard

What was waiting for me today when I returned home 😍

My mother and I had ordered it last week and finally arrived.

This keyboard is awesome! It works on laptops, computers,smartphones,  Xbox and others.

I was first thinking about buying another keyboard with a mouse,  but i gave a try to this one because I was needing just a substitute for 2 keys that weren’t working anymore on my laptop, that were really necessary for me, not the entire keyboard, so this one came really handy and I am really happy it worked just as expected. 

Late night blabbing….

While everybody at my house is sleeping, i am sitting in front of my computer, listening to Lana Del Rey and typing this.

Few hours ago i finished another drawing and i started thinking about, maybe, start sharing some stories.

As I said… i love every type of art and since 1997, I am a writer, I still haven’t published anything, but during these years, I have been writing everyday, many stories that were more a way to relieve the stress that I have and also help me mentally…. like a escape to some situations.

I am a daydreamer, I catch myself, many times, staring at nowhere, filling myself with some inspirations to go back home and start writing them down, so beside the drawings that I share, i started thinking about sharing some samples of what I like writing.

Many of these stories that I like writing involve idols of mine… just like when I saw once Fred Durst doing. On some show on MTV, i don’t remember which, I saw him sitting, with a poster of Angelina Jolie near him, while he was working on some song…. that’s basically how my writings work.

I take the idols that I have, those i really like and inspire and turn them into characters for my stories.

I mostly try to write romances… but they always, really…always, become some type of horror, suspense story. There’s always this twist turn on my stories that even frustrates me sometimes.

I will eventually publish one or 3 books… i have the stories all finished, just have to work on some details, but in the moment I have kept them all for myself, they are my therapy and I love to read them every night before sleep.

digital art, painting, drawings and now some of my writings… Writing 3 stories at the same time, one for every mood of mine. But basically, in the moment, I am working more on this story that’s inspired on Beowulf’s era or something… with kings and castles, using some idols of mine as main characters.

i want to write romances… but I get blocked when I start them and don’t know what to do, how to inspire myself to start a romance story and stick to it until the end, without something bizarre taking place in the story.

I feel that what I have to do is simply go with the flow… I don’t think a writer fully have control over this, different inspirations come and you can simply get rid of them. Maybe I would be a mystery author or something, what’s not bad… romance develops in many scenarios and great books that carry a strong love between the characters are surrounded by things like this… violence, horror, suspense…

I am just blabbing in the moment… probably tomorrow I will check this writing and be like “What the heck?”… but I want to write, write and write and open my mind and share my thoughts, not only my drawings, so this may eventually happen, I just need to check which samples I will like to upload first.

the theme of my blog will not change to mostly writings, it will continue being about my drawings, and soon also paintings, but eventually samples of my stories and etc.

I miss you, Heath 

isn’t easy… it feel like this hAppened yesterday for me….

God, Heath… I miss you! You were an unique person with the most beautiful smile and soul…. it wasn’t fair you leave us so soon.

now so many people have this hole inside that will never be covered because you can’t come back.

I hope you know, wherever you are, that I miss you and love you. and i will until my time comes.

keep resting in peace, my darling! ❤
with love….