Christmas gift 🎄

Yesterday I received my Christmas gift 💜

Thank you, mama for this earlier gift 😍 My photographer soul is pretty satisfied and inspired! ❤


Thank you so much

I just saw that now I have 37 followers and the truth is that I am very grateful that all of you have been liking my blog this far.

Drawing and every type of art is what I really love doing and helps me a lot as well, so this is actually something that puts a smile on my face and makes me feel a lot better everyday as well.

I am truly grateful ❤❤

The new tv show that I am in love with……

Should have written this on the very day,but it was good to keep this for today 🙂

I started recently with American Horror story.

I knew about this serie, I think about 1 year ago,but hadn’t interest on it, specially because it was the time, I started with the walking dead, but Tate made me change my mind… if I can out things like this.

On November 5, I went shopping with my mother, we went check things for Christmas 🎄, yes, I know,.. too early, shut my mother loves Christmas and decorating everything, so she wanted to see if there was something already that she could purchase that she linked and I went with her.

I did go with her to some stores,but later I decided to stay at a library  (I am a bookworm) and went check some books….

(Edgar Allan Poe surely is amazing)

While she would go on this shopping spree.

After some hours waiting for my mother to buy everything she wanted  (had time to  read a good part of yhe book I showed above) and received as a gift, maybe an earlier for Christmas, or a gift because I went with her check for Christmas things, when I am a Halloween person 🎃 the first season of AHS and a body spray  (I love perfumes and etc). 

Had crossed my mind to acquire this season, but it was an idea that came and went often, so that day I had my chance.

And happened what often happen when I like a serie… I want others…

I am later I know,but I found out th st every season of AHS is a different theme, isn’t like Supernatural and etc, so that’s really cool.

Asylum, Freakshow and The coven interest me… I don’t want to have all because I am not fan of Lady Gaga, so I want skip any season she is in,even if Evan is also on the season.

Freakshow is more of my interest because I am highly interested on the Victorian Era and during that time, freakshow was really popular.I have a notebook about Victorian era, and I had written about this as well as the most know  performers,  so this season really interests me, even knowing it doesn’t take place on that era.

I have plans working on some arts dedicated to my favorite characters, just like I did with Tate… I think my drawings may get darker and somber… what’s great for me because I love things like this, I am totally a Halloween and horror girl.

Mood Ring

By the end of last week I ordered online from Amazon a mood ring and I received in the beginning of this week, but just now I had time to post online here.

MOOD RINGS seems to have been released in the 1970s,  and I got this huge interest for this after I watched the movie My girl  (Vada had one), and during my childhood, I had 3 of them, like her ring, and I loved it.

Recently I got this wish of having one and started talking about this online, and my friend sent me one 😄 but this one that he sent me didn’t have a stone on it, and this model seems to be the type we can easily find at stores, well… at least he seems he could because I don’t think he ordered online and then sent to me, and yes, I loved this,  so much I don’t take off my finger, my mom even asked me if I see this ring as some sort of engagement ring (not yet, mom…not yet).

So some days later, when I didn’t find anywhere, even though they say that at the Forever 21 store it could be found, but I didn’t, I ordered online this ring.

Really…😍 and didn’t delay at all for me to receive it, and here it is mine.

I don’t like wearing jewelry… necklaces, rings, bracelets…. but I don’t take these rings off, and I am ready to buy another one, this time, similar to the ring of My Girl, so probably I will be wearing 3 mood rings at the same time, but it’s  cool.

It’s  easier now for me to shop on Amazon, so I am taking advantage more than I should, to be honest, and I am not even fan of shopping online,but if I don’t find something I want at a local store, and I really want the product, there is no other way.

We literally have many rings in one, and I am shopping for 3 actually, one for me, only for my mother and one for my sister, so we will have these matching rings.
My sister, who’s Wicca, totally is getting me into these things, but mostly more contact with the nature, what’s  not something new for me beca use I am a nature child just like she is.

I also became vegetarian, just like Belle :3 And developed this interest won the Hippie culture, once I think she is also part of this somehow, she is totally a nature child, in my opinion… my sister is bewitching, truly amazing.

My soul sister, chosen sister life sister, heart sister 🐝

Loving Valentino

Let me talk a little bit about Rudolph Valentino.

I am completely fascinated and in love with the old Hollywood, and recently (yes, I know) I acquired a very strong  fascination over Rudy, you just can’t imagine.

I tend to catch feelings for some idols of mine, or to be more honest, really fall in love with them.

the strongest love I ever felt lasted for 13 years and he was an idol, and now happened again, but not this intense, and now, I got this fascination over Valentino.

I also study about Old Hollywood and I have been watching more classics than anything else, I don’t like watching tv, I rarely do this, so I go often on YouTube and also am buying some things online.

This interest for Rudy started after a documentary that I had watched and I talked to my mother about him and of course that she knew who he was and she had a lot of things to say about him, to my happiness and delight.

She loves to see me highly interested on these classics, but she doesn’t like one thing : the fact that I enjoy a lot going to cemeteries to visit them.

I also always loved cemeteries and my mother doesn’t feel comfortable with this linking of mine, she is always telling me to focus on what I want, than going to places like this, and lately I feel I can’t leave Valentino alone.

My sister is getting married next month, and beside a business, we have scheduled get in the car and drive through some Californian desert with her fiance, and take advantage and visit the grave of someone that she also enjoys, that’s  Vampira,  but she isn’t exactly a cemetery creature like I am, she basically goes there once, she lives in historic town, and she told me that she doesn’t like cemeteries this much, so maybe she wonders that I would turn this trip into a cemetery tour or something like this 😮

I am trying to get some movies of Rudy online, once it seems impossible to find them at a local store, would also love to buy a real autograph from him, but that would be too much money, but movies and posters of him are great for me already.

One of the things i dont like is seeing that women leave their lipstick on his grave. I think that’s  disrespectful because those who work at the cemetery have a difficult time trying to clean it, the same thing happens to Marilyn Monroe’s grave.

They had to protect Oscar Wilde’s grave to prevent such thing also for, happening, will the same be necessary at Rudy’s grave?

End captivity

​I want to take a moment to talk about something that’s seriously important for me and should be important for everybody as well. Even though this blog is more for sharing my arts, I will also start using for important subjects like this one, and others.

I am truly passionate about animals, i can’t stand any type of cruelty to them, it really, really breaks my heart into pieces when I see an animal suffering.

I was reading some news, and I knew this before, but it seems that Tilikum is in his final days.

I have Blackfish since 2014, I believe, when i first heard of this documentary, I knew I needed to watch and have it, I waited with big anxiety for this documentary and cried like a baby when I first watched and I still do cry like a baby.

I, obviously, stand against captivity and Seaworld, Wild animals belong in the wild, mainly Orcas, and not in some tank.

Many orcas are taken from the wild, taken from their families and in the process, many end up dying. If you watched Blackfish, you know that they separate the young Orcas from the gorup to capture them, and many end up dying during this horrible act.

As if it wasn’t horrible enough they take Orcas from the Wild, from their families, they also breed them, which means, an animal that’s meant to be free, is born in a tank and spends the rest of their lives there.

Seaworld also lies to people, of course they do, God knows what else they are able doing for money. They say that in their parks, Orcas live longer than in the Wild, what’s really a very disturbing and absurd lie! 

There is a known female wild Orca, that seems to be 105 years old, she is called “granny”, 105 years old living in the wild and Seaworld has the guts to tell people that in captivity they live longer, mid 30s or something.

I can understand people wanting to see Orcas and other wild animals, I really do, I also want to have the pleasure to see them someday, but NEVER IN CAPTIVITY. 

There are many places where you can spot them in the wild, I have seen many videos of people going Kayaking and ending up having a meeting with them. Nobody disturbed nobody, but obviously the Orcas were curious about them, once they are known for being curious and friendly as well.

This is how people should see wild animals, in their natural habitat, not in a small place or tank where they don’t belong.

If you never watched Blackfish, you should do this, so you’d understand even more. Many people started opening their eyes for this horrible problem, while some still prefer support Seaworld and believe them, and in the meantime, these Orcas are dying.

There was even an Orca that killed itself by banging its head against the tank’s wall, Morgan, also started doing the same, and I even read a notice about an Orca (not sure if Morgan), that tried to beach itself.

When I was younger, I had 3 birds, after they died, no more I had a bird, why? Because they don’t belong in cages.

The sad part on this, is that Tilikum will end up dying without having the taste of freedom again, he was 2 when he was taken from his mother, his pod, and many other Orcas will have the same fate, and that’s really heartbreaking.

People seek information about Orcas with people who know nothing about them, or will lie, because in the moment Seaworld’s employees said that in the wild orcas live less than in captivity, that was the biggest lie ever, so, how do you educate the public with lies? 

One thing it’s you want to help a specie, other it’s you put them to make tricks to entertain people and bring you money. Orcas don’t exist to entertain us, they exist to be free, to do what they are meant to do in the wild.

Another example. Tilikum killed 3 people, the last one was a trainer named Dawn. On Blackfish, one of the lawyers of Seaworld, I believe, said that dawn was killed because of a mistake she made, and that Tilikum was only playing with her, another lie! It was obvious that Tilikum attacked her and viciously. None attack you see on Blackfish came from a playful Orca and you can watch at least 4 of them, they really attacked those trainers.

Another horrible thing you see, it’s when a former trainer speaks of Kasatka and Takara, and how heartbreaking it was when they decided to separate mother and calf and send the calf to another park. You see the pain, the despair of that Orca without the calf, no joke, you see her calling for her calf desperately, and you can see and feel the sadness of that whale.

I could describe Blackfish entirely, but the impact people need to make a change will happen when they watch it.

I never liked Seaworld, never had the wish or curiosity to visit that “park” and never will as well, but after Blackfish, you can be sure that everytime I read or hear the name seaworld be mentioned, I feel my blood burns.

The moment when they separated Kasatka and Takara: